Elizabeth Moore

Almost anyone can benefit from counselling and psychotherapy. You do not need to be depressed or suffer from anxiety in order to enter into a therapeutic relationship, people seek counselling for a variety of reasons, you might be interested in personal development, you might be going through a life crisis or you might want to explore and clarify specific feelings or problems.  Above all you are likely to be someone who values new growth, self reflection and constructive changes



Elizabeth Moore is a psychotherapist and counsellor based in South Dublin. She is an intergrative therapist who uses a combination of therapies depending on the needs of her clients. Elizabeth has experience of working with clients from many different backgrounds and helping to facilitate change in their lives. Elizabeth believes that the important vehicle of change rests in the development of a respectful therapeutic relationship that is able to do justice to the uniqueness of every human being. Counselling and psychotherapy are concerned with wholeness, creativity and growth.    

Elizabeth offers short term or open ended counselling and psychotherapy.